We are a tech startup focusing mainly on social discovery apps and content.

Inspired by the disruptive character of the 21st century and accelerated by a global vision, we undertake unconventional projects created around pioneering business models. Based in Istanbul and founded in 2015, all our projects are created and developed internally, and are endorsed with strategic partnerships. A highly diverse and multifaceted team, Data Birikim’s founders, investors and board members have extensive experience and expertise in multiple industries providing a unique strength in today’s extreme competitive ecosystem. Data Birikim is supported by Google Cloud for Startups Program.

Our vision:

Be the innovative global leader in mass social discovery across all walks of life by capitalizing on the state-of-the-art digital technologies.

Our mission:

We aim to be a progressive facilitator of global social discovery and interaction, simultaneously enrich the process of self-discovery, by means of original and entertaining formats as well as content within the realm digital ecosystem.

Our investments


Launched in April 2016 Kimboo is designed as a progressive, gamified social discovery application. As a continuous “would you rather” type question game, Kimboo calculates the psychographic similarity amongst players based on their common answers, acquainting them with a dynamic interpersonal compatibility score. Designed for both iOS and Android platforms, Kimboo brings an innovative, playful and exciting approach to the entire social networking scene. In 2018, Kimboo entered a strategic partnership with Turkey’s leading GSM operator Turkcell (NYSE: TKC). Kimboo serves its proggressive social discovery game via Turkcell’s digital products giving both parties a unique opportunity for expansion.

Kimboo on Google Assistant

Launched in February 2020,Kimboo for Google Assistant is a pioneer of social discovery in voice assistant ecosystem. Adapted as a stand alone version of Kimboo for Google Assistant, Kimboo has evolved into a female humanoid who’s sole mision it to help players explore Assistant users across the world and become friends. Kimboo was made available in English in April 2020, targetting Covid-19 days and post-pandemic days; social distanced new world. Google Assistant is available in over 1 billion Android smartphones around the world, with 500 million active users.

Master Influencer

Master Influencer is a pioneering tv format complemented by our novel social app. As Data Birikim matured, our experience in a challenging market where TV viewership and social media penetration are both very high -Turkey- inspired us to also concentrate on how we could harness the opportunities offered by two distinct domains; TV and social media. In due course we created Master Influencer by utilising our agile approach, technology and know-how. The zeitgeist format is blending TV content with the dynamics of social media, combining the first and second screens in a single concept. The show is set to expedite the convergence of social media and TV content consumption. Registered at Format Recognition and Protection Association (FRAPA) the show is planned to debut within 2022. For more information please go to MasterInfluencer.tv


The mobile app which compliments Master Influencer is branded Podyum. The app has been developed fully in-house. The core engine of Podyum is based on our one-of-a-kind social discovery app, Kimboo, initially published in 2016. Built on Kimboo’s code base and robust engine, Podyum is ready to be distributed on both iOS and Android platforms. In this respect Podyum has a distributed core infrastructure (back-end) based on Java; supported by high calculation performance of "in-memory" coding and Kubernetes.  

Social Discovery TV

Planned for launch in Q2’23, Social Discovery TV will be world’s first streaming TV channel focusing on social discovery. Social Discovery TV will host reality shows, game-shows, documentaries and other content all themed around social discovery. The channel will be supported with Kimboo app, where the app will stream the channel and also give users the chance to discovery liked-minded new friends.For this purpose, Data Birikim is actively seeking funding and in talks with various investors mainly from the US.

Members of Board

Our board is highly diverse and multifaceted. All members have extensive experience in multiple industries and have proven results in their current fields. Among us are seasoned entrepreneurs and investors, an award-winning film producer (Gülen Güler), and a renowned actor (Emre Karayel) who has hosted "Wheel of Fortune" on Turkish television.

Denet C. Tezel

Co-founder & Chair

T. Tolga Aykut

Co-founder - Member

Serdar Artuç

Investor - Member

Gülen Güler

Investor - Member

Emre Karayel

Investor - Member

Gülru Hotinli

Investor - Member

Anna Cervera

Consultant to Board

We are a proud member of The Format Recognition And Protection Association (FRAPA) since 2021.


Contact details

  •  QUICK Plaza - İçerenköy Mahallesi Umut Sokak No: 10-12 Kat:16 34758 Ataşehir/İstanbul - Turkey

  •  +90 (0) 216 570 09 06
  •  info at databirikim.com